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Posted by Sourabh Kothari on Jun 19, 2019 1:59:39 PM
Sourabh Kothari

Join Dr. Drew Brazier as he explains what Mindcurrent is and how it helps increase your positive energy.

Imagine if there was a technology that could help you understand your emotional energy throughout the day. And based off of that emotional energy, know what you can do to feel even better to perform at your best, to experience more happiness and personal fulfillment. How cool would that be?

Well, that's what I thought several years ago and it made no sense. In fact, it hurt my brain whenever I brought this subject up to others of wow, that would be so awesome if we could use technology to help people know okay, hey, it might be good to make a little shift here or make a little shift there. Because as I worked with many people, I saw that, man, we make these big recommendations and we say okay, go try this. I'm coaching someone or mentoring them, it's go try this and it's these big changes. But in all reality, I wanted to be able to deliver these small little shifts that they could do throughout the day.

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But I had no idea of how I could create a technology or who to even talk to to create that. So I kind of let that idea sit there, but I still continued with this obsession of how can I really help people feel their best and feel better every single day?

Life is so messy. There's so much of it that it just flat out sucks. There's so many parts that are just so painful. But even through all of it, so many moments that are just beautiful, that are so joyful, even whenever it is hard and whenever it feels like everything might be against us. I would see that myself and I would see that as I would help other people, that they could start to see that, but how could we use technology, that was the question.

Technology just is so fast progressing and trying to keep up with it, I had no idea how to do that until I met a group of people that came together and has created Mindcurrent, of getting the right tech geniuses and tech creative with the understanding of how it is that you can leverage technology to understand your emotional energy, to really be able to not just understand what I'm feeling in this moment, but over time how is that shifting and being very aware?

The first step in truly progressing and developing as a human being is awareness.

If you're not aware, you don't know where to work on. You're not aware of your surroundings and how you're contributing, the energy you're contributing to every situation. If you're getting in your own way or you're creating your own success, if you're not aware of that emotional energy and just of your thoughts as well, then you can't really develop very well. So there's got to be this awareness piece.

I got with a group of people with Steve and Sourabh and everyone on the team of them being able to say, yeah, no, we can do this. And then Drew, we can make recommendations that are smaller recommendations based off of many data points that people can put in their emotional energy, but also we can look at their location and time of day and many other pieces and be able to say, hey, this might help you. Now, we're not making medical or psychiatric recommendations at this point. It's all to help you feel better, to help you shift that energy into a spot that is more fulfilling. That's what the technology does.

And the cool part is, I told Sourabh one time, who is the CEO of Mindcurrent, I said, look, I don't wanna be part of technology that feels like it's running people's lives, that makes it feel less human. He's like, oh, no, no, no. And I remember having a conversation with Steve, our head developer on this how is just a tech genius, and he said, no, everything we need to do needs to help people feel more human, to use a technology not to be depended on, but to help you feel more human. I'm like, all right, this I can get behind. This makes sense to me.

And the more I've been able to dive in into what is Mindcurrent and the building of the technology, watching it all play out and create all the content and working with experts from around the world on this, I'm seeing that wow, while there's so much to learn, I'm working with some of the most advanced people I possibly can, and also getting to hear feedback from amazing people who have such great and creative ideas, that is what it going to make this product truly a success, a tool that can help everybody feel better every day, sun up to sun down.

And that's what I care about, is being able to leverage technology that's there. So, I wanna talk about this just for a minute of what is Mindcurrent, like why that name Mindcurrent?

So, the current is really important, it can mean so may different things. But I'm a big believer in we know that in the science of psychology, or I should say the craft of psychology, the art and science of psychology, we know that we can allow emotional energy into our current, that we can control what it is that we're mostly experiencing inside.

Now, that does take work.

But I like to look at that as our emotional, our energy current and as well the thoughts that we focus on, the thoughts that are taking up most of our time. We can also control them. And that's part of our current. And so it's that that current that's going through our thoughts and our emotional energy that we're experiencing, that is our current. And if we don't protect our current and we don't intentionally add in what it is that we want in that current, it's gonna be super contaminated, it's gonna have all kinds of crap in there that impact your decisions, that make you treat people the way you don't wanna treat people.

Have you ever been there before when it's like, man, I don't know why I said that, I don't know why I did that, whatever it is.

Yeah, it's because we're not guarding that current and we're not putting into that current what it is that we want to experience. And also, when you think about current, that electricity that's in our body, we also know that we are an energy field, carry all kinds of electrical currents that we're putting off all the time that other people can feel. And you can control that current as well.

Now there's a lot of things in life that we can't control, but why not take control of what you can?

And that's what Mindcurrent is all about, helping you be able to fill up that current and bring into that current what it is that you wanna experience. Now you might be sitting there thinking, and I like to be very practical about things, so you might be thinking, well, yeah that sounds all good and dandy, but you gotta be some kind of crazy meditation guru that that's all you do is you meditate all day long. No, I mean, meditation is amazing and it's alarming that more of us are not doing it.

In fact, only 12% of the U.S. population is doing it and yet the benefits are incredible.

So, yeah, we should be meditating a whole lot more, but we'll get to that at another time. The reality is you don't have to just be this power meditator all day long for hours on end. But being mindful and practicing what I like to call mindfulness on the go all throughout your day, that is gonna make the difference. And that's a lot of what we're doing in Mindcurrent is helping you use mindfulness all throughout your day in a very, very practical way.

So if you're a busy a parent, you're busy at work, whatever it is that you're trying to do, like people are busy, you're busy. And so being able to understand how it is that you can guard that current, add in what you want as you go throughout your day in a practical way and then in some moments being able to sit down and practice meditation techniques and other mindfulness techniques, yeah, absolutely.

But in the meantime, you're busy.

We wanna meet you where you're at. And so we can help you and you can help yourself, more importantly, by being able to control what is in your current and what's not in your current. So that's a huge part of what it is that we're doing in Mindcurrent.

Now, I wanna talk for a little bit about our company about what it is that we truly are trying to do. Going beyond just the art and the science or the craft of all of this, what it is that we stand for. I think it's important to talk about this. You can find it at our webpage, but I just wanna talk about some of these important points here of what it is that is our mission.

What are we doing? What are our values? What are our guiding principles?

So first and foremost, as you've heard me say, we are obsessed with helping the world fill better everyday, one person at a time, sun up to sun down. That is at the core of what we're doing. And then looking at what is it that is guiding the work that we do, decisions that we make, and what sets us apart, is this right here.

We believe that feeling good is a right for every human being and that everyone has their own awesome, truly do believe that. And we won't stop until every person feels empowered to control their own emotional energy through awareness mapping, that emotion shifting that emotional energy and evolving as a person.

We are guided by these specific principles, being actionably light, simply empowered, curiously confident, and collectively wise. So you can go through on your website and look at what does all that mean, but again, wanna be actionably light, not just going into all the theories and create a new theory, but always pushing you to action, small things that you can do for big outcomes.

And remaining light, pressure free and fun, so what that's about. Simply empowered, keeping everything as simple as can be, giving you clarity, helping you feel empowered, which at the core making sure everything we do is as personalized as possible. And we're gonna remain curiously confident.

With technology progressing as fast as it does, we wanna be able to harness that cutting edge technology always being curious of what we can do to advance things, to make things the best we possibly can for you. That's what we want to do by remaining curiously confident. Collectively wise.

We have the same common goal and we've had it as founders of Mindcurrent since we were young, since we were super young, some of us, and we know that if we bring together our collective wisdom we can make a lot happen, but if we can also bring together the wisdom of everybody that touches our product and listen, we can become much more wise and understanding of what it is that we need to do.

So, let's talk just for a little bit about our values.

First value is Together

We are in this together and believe that no one should feel alone. To want to work to understand what you need and create experiences to support you along your life journey.

Next one is Transparent

There's no hidden agenda. We don't sell, share, or trade your data. We remain open in our processes and we'll answer your questions. That's a huge thing for us. That right there, people have concern of oh, data, and what's everything going on there. If you have questions about that and I know we'll talk more about that in other episodes, but we aren't selling, sharing or trading your data, simply custodians of the data and we just wanna show you how you can best leverage any of that data that's out there. And also if there's any questions, then we wanna make ourselves and our team available to answer those questions.

Being Generous is a huge value for us as well

Give to causes in the community that plan in equality and social justice. That's core for us. In fact, that's why we want to work to make sure that everyone can truly feel better and do everything that we possibly can to make that happen.

Next value is Empowering

You are in control. We provide a tool that is built to help you feel empowered and confident in yourself, and confidence, that's a huge piece right there that you can trust in your decision making. That's what we want to happen as you experience Mindcurrent.

The next value for us is Inclusive

Everyone is invited and we work to be culturally responsive to all. That obviously is a huge one for us and we invite you to take in on that value with us. To be as inclusive as we possibly can, think about how that shifts energy in other people if we go out of our way. Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable, but embrace that discomfort. That is never an excuse for myself, for anyone to not be inclusive to all.

And finally, our last value is Evolving

We are committed to always strive to deliver the best methods possible to help you experience the best in life. We are always continuing to progress and we will so long as Mindcurrent is here, we will be evolving.

So I share this with you so you can understand a little bit of our company and what it is that we're about, what's guiding our decisions that we make everyday. And these are just, hey, we make this mission statement and guiding principles and values and stick 'em on the wall somewhere where no one ever looks or in a filing cabinet and file it away, no, this truly does guide us and the interesting part is, and the way it should be, it's what all of us who have been here from the get-go on it, it's really what does drive us personally as to why we wanna be involved. And that's key.

So as we go and there's gonna be advances, there's gonna be mistakes that are made, but we're gonna continue to be open to learning from them. A company who says they don't make mistakes is kidding you. But we're gonna do our best to give the best we possibly can so that you can feel better, sun up to sun down. That's what we want.

Let's do this together

We really do hope that you understand that if there are questions that you can approach us, that we are there to listen to you and we hope that that process can be as easy as possible for you. So we want you to go and try it out. Try to input your energy. Give it a shot and notice, and it might feel vulnerable at first. In fact, it probably will for some people. And then give those shifts a try and keep coming back to those shifts and experience that feeling. As you do, you will feel better, sun up to sun down.

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